Once someone said, “Fire is a good servant but a bad master”. In this time and age, it is less of fire and more of electricity. Electricity is the new fire. All that was achievable by the use of fire can now be achieved by the use of electricity; whether is it cooking, heating, lighting etc. However, the flipside remains as it is.

Many can attest to the fact that electricity is a good servant but a bad master. Electricity can even cause death in just a second. Regardless, we cannot live without using this electricity. To avoid the dangers involved with electricity, here are a few pointers to keeping safe while handing electricity.

1. If not in use, switch off

For all electrical appliances in the house, if they are not in use, switch them off. Do not leave the television on when nobody’s there or your phone in the charger when it if fully charged. All this accumulated electricity consumption may be hazardous as to even cause an explosion. The same way you should not overload sockets. The load may be too much, even causing some appliances to burn.

2. Avoid handling while wet

Water is a good conductor of electricity. Handling switches, sockets and electrical appliances while having wet hands guarantees you a shock. Electrocution chances are extremely high when operating electrical appliances or switching on or off sockets and switches with wet hands. Even in the instance where someone has touched a live wire and is being electrocuted, make sure the block of wood or plastic you use to detach him is completely dry, lest you get yourself electrocuted too.

3. Consult professional help

The worst thing you could do is think you know the solution whereas you are so sure you do not know. Never take chances when it comes to electricity. This is a matter of life and death. Whenever you note something fishy with regard to your electricity, maybe a smoking socket, a smell of burning plastic or sparks and such sound around the house, make sure you get a professional as immediate as possible to sort out the issue. The sooner the better, lest it complicates further and causes more damage.

4. Repair damage

Whenever you find something electrical is damaged in the house, make sure it is fixed immediately. If a socket blows, make sure it is checked out before using it again. Do not operate appliances that have frayed or damaged cords; the live wire might be exposed and cause an electric shock. Do not try overworking something when it is evident that something is wrong with it.

One thing you should be very careful when dealing in the house is electricity. For sure, we cannot live without it, but it will be a problem if it costs you your life. Make sure you also advice your kids so that they do not do dangerous stuff with electricity around the house out of ignorance and then you end up losing them.