Your electrical panel is that metal box which lets you control the distribution of electrical current to the various areas of your home. It is also referred to as the distribution board. Circuit breakers are fuses allows the protection of the system from over-current. Your electrical panel is the most important electrical equipment in your home. As a homeowner, one thing you should be concerned about is if you should consider having an electrical panel upgrade.

Is the electrical service size appropriate?

Your electrical service size determines how many electrical appliances or devices you can run in your home at a given time. Three important electrical components have to be proportionately sized. These components are the main electrical device panel, the service entry cable which connects the home to the electric company, and the electrical service disconnect. If you have a very old home, there is a very big chance that upgrades have been made in one or two of the mentioned components through the years. Upgrades include the addition of appliances as well as the usage of appliances that require more power.

Is your panel outdated?

You have to determine if your panel is a fuse block panel. Again, if you live in an old house, there is a big chance that yours is a fuse block panel. This has been very popularly used especially with homes constructed before the 1960’s. Fuse block panels are already outdated. In fact, some experts consider them as hazards because they do not really offer a high level of electrical safety in homes nowadays. If your panel is a Federal Pacific Brand panel, you might also want to have it replaced. It has a lot of problems that come along with it. They have been known to trip even when are not expected to do so.

Is your panel damaged?

Just because your panel is old does not mean it is very dangerous right away. Just because your panel has been operating for years does not mean it is not effective anymore. But you have to consider the fact that electrical panels can get damaged over time. There are so many factors that can lead to the damage of electrical panel. Of course, the top enemy of any electrical component is water. Plumbing leaks could lead to the infiltration of water and cause electrical shorts. Not only that. Water can also cause corrosion among the metal parts of your distribution board. Overheating incidents could have also caused significant damages to your electrical panel.

Should you hire professional inspectors?

It is important that you hire professional inspectors so that the quality of your electrical panel could be assessed. Inspectors can determine the risks that you are currently dealing with and then conduct the essential repairs or upgrades. Robert Redford Electrical Services is a company you can rely on regarding this matter. We specialize in panel upgrades ensuring electrical efficiency and safety for your home. Never compromise with safety. Our rates are very affordable and our services are appreciated by many!