Your home’s electrical panel is the hub of electricity. It connects to the main power line and distributes electrical currents throughout your home. 

It is not an easy job to upgrade your electrical panel yourself as there are numerous safety risks that come with any type of electrical upgrade. You will put yourself at risk of the following:

Electrical Shock

Since the panel serves as the hub of your home’s electricity, there is the risk of electrical shock. An electrical shock happens when your body comes into contact with exposed wires. Electrical current from the wire passes to your body as your skin comes into contact with the exposed metal of the wire. Typically, panels in homes receive enough power to cause electrocution, which is why knowledge, caution, and the proper tools are required.

Fire Hazards

The smallest mistake in the configuration of the wires on the panel can lead to more heat being transferred through the wires. It can get to a point where the amount of heat generated is more than the wires can handle, resulting in a short circuit and eventually an electrical fire. Leave the wiring work to a licensed electrician to avoid an electrical shock or a potential fire.

Not Meeting the Provincial Electric Codes

Provinces have set certain electric codes to ensure electrical safety. Each residential home and the commercial building must abide by these codes. If the codes are not met, you risk being fined and having to spend more on a complete overhaul of your electrical system.

There are technicalities within the code that you wouldn’t know unless you knew electrical systems. So, why put yourself at risk of violating your province’s electric code? You’ll end up having to spend a lot more on fines and a complete overhaul compared to having a licensed electrician do the work properly and meet the required codes. 

Insurance Concerns

Having your electrical panel insured is not an easy process. Most insurance companies require you to have the latest electrical panel with at least 100-amp service, which is not cheap. In addition, once you’ve ensured the panel, you’ll want to keep that coverage intact. 

By attempting to upgrade the electrical panel yourself, you are at risk of losing that coverage. Most insurance policies require a licensed electrician to do any type of upgrade on the panels, and they have a clause in place that voids their coverage if anyone else works on it. 

Hidden Electrical Dangers

The following are additional, hidden electrical dangers that come with attempting an upgrade of the panel yourself:

  • Faulty wiring: you need to use wires that are the right size and capacity. Picking the wrong wires can result in an electrical fire. 
  • Faulty panel box: outdated or unsafe boxes will result in electrical safety hazards.
  • Wrong size fuse or breaker: using a smaller circuit breaker for certain applications results in the breaker tripping excessively. An oversized breaker will lead to an overload of electricity on lights and appliances, causing them to short circuit.

You can avoid these electrical dangers by hiring a licensed electrician to do the upgrade for you.

Avoid the Risks That Come With a DIY Electrical Panel Upgrade and Call a Licensed Electrician!

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