Electric vehicle (EV) experts around the world have been holding this technology in high regard for years now, and the buzz is continuing to build as people convert from their gas-powered vehicles.

Redford Electric in New Westminster, B.C. is a provider of electrician services for your home that you can count on, and that trusted service includes the installation of a level 2 charger for your electric vehicle. Let’s review how you can charge your EV at home, as well as how you can make the most out of that experience with our help.

Can I Charge my EV Using the Standard Wall Outlet?

Most EVs come with a charge cord, and they may even feature a home adapter kit that allows you to plug them into a regular wall outlet. While this option might be handy for some, it isn’t the most efficient or quickest way to go about charging your vehicle. Only after you’ve gone through the upgrade process and have access to a level 2 charging station will you understand what you’ve been missing out on. 

What are the Benefits of Installing a Fast-Charging Station? (Level 2)

Wall plugs won’t offer enough power to charge your vehicle in a reasonable amount of time, and that’s a problem if you haven’t got any time to waste. Electric vehicle charging stations you see in mall parking lots or around the city can charge your car quickly because they are significantly more powerful than wall plugs.

Installing a level 2 charger at home provides you with twice the power that you would find in a traditional wall outlet. Regular wall outlets will give off about 120 volts of power, while the upgraded option offers you a whopping 240 volts. This extra power is part of the reason why so many people who need electric vehicle charging at home choose to have these chargers installed as soon as possible. 

How Often (and When) Should I Charge my EV at Home?

Charging your EV at home is something you can do daily but this practice is not recommended because overcharging causes stress on your vehicle’s battery. Experts recommend maintaining your electric vehicle’s battery between 30% and 80% capacity. 

You can easily shorten the battery life when you charge your EV every day, which makes finding a reliable charger even more important. These vehicles also offer plenty of flexibility, and most people purchase them for that exact reason. Electric car charging at home saves you both time and money, as you won’t have to make a trip to the gas station or deal with rising oil prices. 

How Do I Get a Level 2 Charger Installed?

Installing a home charging station for your electric vehicle is easy when you use the services of a trusted and qualified electrical contractor. The electrician will help determine the best charger options for your needs and ensure the installation adheres to all safety regulations.

Trust the Experts at Redford Electric

Now that you have learned about the benefits of installing a fast-charging station at home, don’t wait another day to take advantage of a level 2 charger. The friendly and reliable team at Redford Electric has always been dedicated to providing customers with top-notch electrician services, and when it comes to EV charge station installation, our goal remains the same. 

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