Wired Ethernet installations consist of computers, and other Ethernet-ready networking devices, hardwired to a central device like a router. Connecting to the router using network cables allows the computers to share Internet connectivity. Having an Ethernet connection in your home also allows you to share resources, printers, and servers in the network. Other Ethernet-ready devices like a gaming platform or Internet-ready television sets can also join the network
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Wired Ethernet installations for your home can be done by a licensed networking expert or you can give it a go yourself if you have basic networking knowledge. With more and more consumers wanting to save more on the budget, self-installed wired Ethernet installations are now predominant and dozens of self-help guides can be found online. Wiring your house for Ethernet is similar to installing a telephone or cable line so expect to run Ethernet cables from wall to wall or one room to another. Installing an Ethernet network doesn’t have to be complex and once it is all set up, it will not require any special maintenance procedures.

Aside from computers, wired Ethernet installations often require a few networking devices like a router and a broadband or DSL modem. Depending on the size of the home or office network, periphery devices such as access points, bridges, and switches, can also be used. Ethernet cables widely used today in wired Ethernet installations are often referred to as CAT5 cables. These cables are designed to be compatible with RJ45 Local Area Network (LAN) ports and with Wide Area Network (WAN) ports. LAN ports are responsible for sharing access to shared files or resources by connecting devices to each other. To receive Internet connectivity from the Internet modem, an Ethernet cable must be wired to the LAN port of the modem while the other end of the cable has to be wired to the WAN port of the router.

Most, if not all, networking devices manufactured today are network ready, which means they can be connected right away in wired Ethernet installations. Connecting them together will only take up a few minutes of your time. A call to the router’s manufacturer or the cable company can also help you set up your network.